Astronauts to Get Luxurious Hotel Experience in Outer Space, Courtesy of Hilton

We know how necessary good accommodation is on a trip. Voyager Space has partnered with hotel giant Hilton and is planning to launch its Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Starlab private space station by the year 2027. This place will provide a chance for luxurious stays for astronauts in space. This might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but no, it’s true!

Hilton and Space

Hilton has its hotels all across the world and is now trying to expand its horizon to space. However, this is not the first time that Hilton has been a part of a space project. Hilton became the first hospitality brand that participated in the International Space Station (ISS) research in  2020. Astronauts were able to bake and eat the very first Hilton cookies in orbit. Chris Nassetta, Hilton president, spoke about how Hilton has the unique opportunity now to accommodate and make the guest experience better everywhere.

Starlab, a Hotel in Space

Starlab is not the first private space station that the Commercial LEO Destination Program team of NASA is working on. But, the motive behind including Hilton is to welcome more and more private companies and launch LEO space stations. This way NASA would be able to purchase the services they have to offer. In 2021, NanoRacks, Voyager Space’s parent company, got $160 million from NASA for this project. The Starlab is aimed to be set up as the George Washington Carver Science Park. Creating this laboratory has gotten the largest grant up until now for this NASA program. Starlab will be able to accommodate four astronauts at a time. This project aims for professional use, however, it may become a part of space tourism.