Modern Hotels Make Great Contributions to Regional Communities

For These Hotels, It’s All About Giving to the Community

Hotels worldwide are redefining hospitality by incorporating social impact and community engagement into their operations. Initiatives such as the Youth Xcellence Program at Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley and the Vignette Collection’s community-focused projects are leading the way to a positive change.

Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley

Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley

Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley, located in Brisbane, Australia, stands out not only for its stylish design but also for its commitment to empowering the communities through its innovative Youth Xcellence Program. This program aims to provide high school students with valuable opportunities to explore and pursue careers in the hospitality industry. The hotel has successfully hosted 15 students, offering them a full-day immersive experience in the hotel’s daily operations. Selected students have gained the opportunity of paid work experience in departments such as human resources, sales, and marketing. In the final phase, these students will undergo comprehensive vocational training. What sets this program apart is that all training and experience take place on-site at the hotel, providing a real-world learning environment.

Vignette Collection

Hotel X Brisbane Fortitude Valley is part of the Vignette Collection, a division of IHG Hotels & Resorts known for its commitment to community and social responsibility. While each Vignette hotel has the autonomy to develop its own initiatives, they all share a common goal of building brighter futures for the communities they serve. These initiatives may include skills-building programs or organizing community events and volunteer activities.

Independent Hotels Taking Action

In addition to branded hotels, independent properties are also making strides in community engagement. Cuyama Buckhorn in California’s Santa Barbara County serves as a vital community hub, hosting meetings between residents and government officials to discuss important local matters. Similarly, Maple Grove Hot Springs & Retreat Center in southeastern Idaho has invested in solar-powered, net-zero operations and actively participates in cultural preservation initiatives. By blurring the lines between business and communities, these hotels are setting a positive example in their respective regions.