You Can Rent Princess Diana’s Childhood Home — and It’s the Perfect Wedding Venue

Princess Diana’s Childhood Home

The choice of a wedding venue is pivotal in shaping the ambiance of your special day, and for those dreaming of regality, a new entrant demands attention. Althorp House, the childhood home of Princess Diana, has recently entered the rental market. Located in West Northamptonshire, England, the estate is listed on the upmarket rental site Elysian Estates by Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer.

Regal Affair Amidst Country Elegance

With a quintessential country setting, Althorp House boasts several rooms ideal for small to medium-sized gatherings. The dining room accommodates up to 140 guests, the meeting room 200, and the reception room 250. With a maximum capacity of 72 people for overnight stays, the estate can seamlessly cater to larger celebrations or intimate gatherings.

The allure extends beyond the venue’s interiors to its grand exterior, surrounded by nature. Nestled on 13,000 acres, the mansion of Princess Diana is a perfect canvas for crafting a regal affair.

Amenities and Services

Choosing Althorp House for your wedding unfolds a tapestry of luxury. The rental includes services like a private chef, drinks services, luxury car hire, helicopter transfers, a pianist, and a fireworks show.

From catering to transportation, music to entertainment, every detail is meticulously taken care of. Brides seeking relaxation before the big day or a post-celebration retreat can indulge in on-site spa treatments, adding another touch to the regal experience.

Respecting History

While Althorp House opens its doors to celebrations, certain elements remain off-limits out of respect for history and privacy. Visiting the grave of Princess Diana, situated on the property, is not permitted.

Respecting History

The island in the middle of Oval Lake, where her grave resides, is also not available for use. Beyond its association with Princess Diana, Althorp House holds a rich history dating back to 1508. The mansion has witnessed various meetings, courtly balls, and even a secret marriage, adding layers of intrigue to its storied past.